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أبحاث ودراسات في السياسة والإدارة

In the absence of scholarly work on the North African countries, this book is going to fill the vacuum and gives chance to readers interested in North African politics to become familiar with current events and the new tendency to reinforce cooperation between the 5 countries which are at cross roads.

What is interesting about this book is peresnting facts on each country and show how each country avoided to work closely with its neighbours, either because of fear from domination or because of differences in ideology and style of running the political systems.
(Two Volumes).


Contemporary Political Studies On Algeria

Algeria is in a deep economic and political crisis, and it is very difficult to predict even the near future. There is, however, an urgent need to change the political regime and the political class. The reforms  enacted in Algeria since independence have been decided, in general, by single individuals who successfully controlled the state.

These reforms were mostly geard towar increasing  the amount of power held by these individual leaders in order to allow themselves to enact whatever objectives they had. It even became a tradition that the holders of power exploit the economic and political crisis for the purpose of remaining in power.
(Two Volumes).

The Political History of Algeria From The Beginning Until 1962

التاريخ السياسي للجزائر من البداية ولغاية 1962

The Major goal of this book is to provide the reader with basic insights and understanding of the major political systems and events which took place in Algeria in the last twenty centuries.

When the Arabs came to Algeria in the 7th century, they brought with them Islam and established with the natives of Algeria strong bridges of cooperation and induced them to learn Arabic and join the Islamic community.

To put it in a very simple way, this book focuses on the political aspects and economic reasons which motivated the leading powers in the Mediterranean area to occupy Algeria.



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